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Our testimonials offer you the opportunity to look through and read what our other callers think about their readings and our psychics. We are proud to approve both positive and negative feedback giving you an unbiased and true reflection of our readers. Please have a look through our large collection and allow it to help you choose your reader. After your reading please do also leave your feedback - we love hearing about your readings!

Prantiya  Samiti Update
    View No.CircularNameDateCircularDiscrptionId
    View 1 achrya chayan exam (interview) pospond3/21/2020achaya chayan exam (interview) pospond574
    View 2 Selected Principal List and Instructions-201920/05/2019Selected Principal List and Instructions-2019495
    View 3 1st term exam programme 2018 28-08-2018Shishu Mandir / Vidya Mandir 1st term exam. (Sanshodhit) Programme @ 18-09-2018439
    View 4 seva sthaitya format03/07/2018seva sthaitya format 2018417
    View 5 vidyalay vreet @ 201806/05/2018vidyalay vreet for prachanacharya yojna baithak @ 2018396
    View 6 sankul vreet @ 201806/05/2018sankul vreet for prachanacharya yojna baithak @ 2018395
    View 7 PHYSICAL PATRAK 201824/04/2018SHARIRIK PATRAK 2018394
    View 8 patrak 0415/03/2018Patrak 04/2017-18 @ 12/03/2018379
    View 9 Karyashala 20183/20/2018Karyashala 2018 March378
    View 10 vidyalay vreet14/02/2018vidyalay vreet 2018374
    View 11 gopniya prativedan13/02/2018principal gopniya prativedan373
    View 12 VIRMIT PATRA02/05/2017FOR PRINCIPAL243
    View 13 vidyalay vreet26/04/2017vidyalay vreet 2017240
    View 14 sankul vreet26/04/2017sankul vreet 2017238
    View 15 acp attachment for s.m. / v.m.27/02/2017attachment for training223
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    View No.ImageNameDateDesscrptionId
    View 1 54-4-2016 167
    View 2 214/05/2015 77
    View 3 114/05/2015 76
Kshetria Samiti Update
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    Record Not Found
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 Central Samiti Update
    View No.CircularTitleCircularDateDescrptionId
    View 1 /Center/Circular/Letter_Anantpurama_14-15.pdf  6
    View 2 National School Kabaddi U-171/7/201560th National School Kabaddi U-17 B&G Championship 2014-15 at Ananthapuramu, (A.P).5
    View 3 Vidya Bharti project12/24/2014Vidya Bharti project4
    View 4 Vidya Bharti project12/24/2014Vidya Bharti project3
    View 5 Vidya Bharti project12/24/2014Vidya Bharti project2
    View 6 IT seminar in Jaipur12/19/2014IT seminar in jaipur on 22nd jan at 9 am1
    View No.MagazineTitleDateDescrptionId
    View 1 asdasdasd3/16/2015asdasd3
    View 2 This is testing  This is testing 2
    View 3 MagazineTitleDateDescrption1
    Record Not Found
    View No.EventNameEventDateDiscrptionId
    View 1 Vidwat Sangosthi Vidya Bharti Kurukhetra06/01/2015 3
    Record Not Found
    View No.SubjectTitleDateDiscrptionId
    View 1 Shareerik ShikshaThis is testing  <p>This is testing&nbsp;</p>2
    Record Not Found
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    View No.VideoNameDateDescrptionId
    View 1 i8711/19/2017i8710
    View 2 i8711/19/2017 9
    View 3 Trainning10-02-2015Trainning8
    Record Not Found
    View No.NewsTitleDateDescrptionId
    View 1 Hacked By An0n 3xPloiTeR8/31/2016Hacked By An0n 3xPloiTeR12
    View 2 Hacked By An0n 3xPloiTeR8/31/2016Hacked By An0n 3xPloiTeR11
    Record Not Found

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